Find your safety in Soul

The Christian Science Bible lesson-sermon for this week (Sunday 12 February), Soul, asks some great questions: can soul be lost? can soul sin?

This Bible lesson reasons out from the stand point that God is Soul. It also reason from the fact that man is the reflection of Soul and cannot be lost since Soul is God, and God fills all space. The Golden text, or keynote, for this week’s Bible lesson comes from Isaiah:

. . . I am the Lord, and there is none else.
—Isaiah 45:6

Naturally the Bible lesson also digs into health, and how understanding Soul, as Christ Jesus did, gives us all a basis from which to practice Christian healing. Christ Jesus is the example for all Christians, and Christian Scientists lean on Jesus’ example and the power of God, Soul, to heal themselves and others.

Do you want to learn more about Christian healing? Do you want to find out more how Soul keeps you safe? We invite you to come learn about this wonderful topic with us. The students of this Science are learning just as much as you are! We’d love to have you there learning with us.

Have a great weekend!

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